Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle 15th Anniversary

From Firnew photographer Larry Patterson:

For the last few weeks, there have been occasional hints about something big happening at Firnew. Here it is.

John Berry, a photographer in our group, has gone not big, but huge, to help celebrate the Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle 15th Anniversary. Over the last year or so, John has been printing big and large, with life-size creations of people, goats, and cattle. Obviously, life-size was not good enough for him!

This year also marks our 15th Annual Show. This farm is private property, and the only opportunity for the general public to see this project is to attend our show, on May 6, 2018, from 1-5 PM. The artwork from our approximately 30 artists will be on display and available for purchase.

As an added bonus, student artwork from Madison County High School, William Monroe High School, and Woodberry Forest School will also be on display.
(Photo by Larry Patterson)


Sunday May 6, Spring Show Teaser

A message from Firnew photographer John Berry, March 1, 2018:

Testing complete….I think. Thanks to Jerry, and especially Sebastian for their help modeling for photos. As I’ve mentioned before, be sure to put Sunday, May 6 on your calendar. The real installation on the silo will be a lot bigger 😳. May 6 is your only chance to see this, and our show “Firnew at Fifteen”. The show features art by the Firnew Farm Artists of course, but also work by Madison County High, William Monroe High, and Woodberry Forest art students. We’ll have @ToniClareMusic ( there as well. Not to be missed. More to come. Stay tuned.

John Berry, Spring Show Teaser


Mystery Test Piece Revealed

Firnew photographer Larry Patterson shares another photo and message:

Remember that mess we posted two days ago? This is what is beneath it. Where does this take us? To the Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle exhibit ‘Firnew at 15’. You are invited to our 15th anniversary celebration on May 6, 2018 to see what this little test turns into!

Firnew Mystery Test Piece, Revealed


Patricia Williams’ Solo Show at Touchstone Gallery

Ode to Pi Day, Watercolor, 26″ x 22″

Firnew artist Patricia Williams invites you to her second solo show at the Touchstone Gallery.

Touchstone Gallery, 901 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC
August 30 –October 1, 2017
Ordered Complexities New Paintings by Patricia Williams
Opening Reception ▪ Friday, September 8, 6-8:30 pm
Meet the Artists ▪ Saturday, September 23, 1-4 pm

“Both science and art have to do with ordered complexity.” –L. L. Whyte, 1957

In 2015, a lively discussion of Pi Day (March 14, based on π’s value of 3.141592…) inspired Patricia Williams to paint a π pie. This led to a series of works that seek to translate mathematical and scientific principles into paintings that express the essence of a concept. Whimsical and colorful, the paintings integrate the artist’s lifelong fascination with science, math and creativity in all its forms.

“Creativity is one of the most basic traits of humanity, but we articulate it in different ways, depending on our inclinations and abilities,” Ms. Williams says. “I hope that art people will gain a little appreciation for math and science and that math and science folks will enjoy seeing their subject matter portrayed as a different kind of art.”

The paintings are comprised of layers of transparent watercolor and watercolor pencil or water-soluble graphite on Multimedia Artboard™, a rigid paper substrate. In some paintings, intense colors and murky darks all but obliterate the underlying text. In others, wispy lines of water-soluble graphite are punctuated with jolts of color. The paintings are driven by content, but content is secondary to the interplay of color and form.

Preparations for the Blue Show

With the help of artists Sharon Zarambo and Richard Young, members of the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Madison have been hard at work creating art for the upcoming Blue Show to be held in the Cafetorium at Waverly Yowell School, the Kemper Mansion, and other businesses around the Town of Madison.

Below is a little preview of the work being created.  We’re purposely not showing any of the final assembled pieces because, for one, we want it to be a surprise, and secondly, photographs can not do this justice.  It’s very cool when you see the pieces together as they will be at the show.

Firnew Farm Artist's Blue Show

Firnew Farm Artist's Blue Show

Firnew Farm Artist's Blue Show

Firnew Farm Artists Blue Show

Firnew Farm Artist's Blue Show