Berry, John


I’m a photographer based in Madison County, Virginia.  I got my first camera after my freshman year in college at William & Mary.  During college, I was a photographer for the Colonial Echo, the College yearbook.  After college, I photographed weddings for a while, until life got in the way.  I picked up a camera seriously again not long after digital came along.  I now photograph high school sports here in Madison and also in surrounding counties, portraits including high school seniors and families, and also do some landscape photography when I have the time.


October 01, 2016. Sarah Good Senior Portraits. MCHS Class of 2017.

September 24, 2016. Grace Fox Senior Portraits. MCHS Class of 2017.


Amanda #MCHS2017 #JohnBerryPhotography

June 10, 2016. Clare Sukley



Portrait, Landscape, Etc. :


2 thoughts on “Berry, John

  1. I marvel at these images, John. Trish

  2. jetsetWISDOM says:

    Bravo John – both of these shots are spectacular!!!! Can’t wait to see them in person.

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