Rosenberg, Janice

March 20, 2014. Firnew Portraits

A lover of mystery, I  may paint  a deserted building, a looming storm, or vultures gathering in the moonlight.  Sometimes I think the subject chooses me rather than the other way around.  At heart I am a story teller and  some stories can only be told with paint and brush.

Shenandoah Shadows

Shenandoah Shadows

Georgetown Steps, Print

Georgetown Steps, Print

Bayou, Print

Bayou, Print

The Gathering,

The Gathering,


Potomac Island

 The Pianist
See more of Janice’s work on her website:



One thought on “Rosenberg, Janice

  1. jetsetwisdom says:

    Janice, congratulations on the sale of “Morning Snow” – at your Washington American Painter show! How exciting – and it really looks like an amazing collection of paintings – brava!

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