Perry, Jon

March 27, 2014. Firnew Artist Portraits

Microsoft Word - Artist Statement Revised Over Painting.doc

For more images www.studiocphoto.netCurrituck Light Station

Vail Valley, Print on Canvas of Acryllic on Watercolor Paper

Montauk Hurricane, Gouache on Paper Red Sky in the Morning, Acryllic on watercolor paper


3 thoughts on “Perry, Jon

  1. Susie (Perry) Matsui says:

    So beautiful!

  2. Nate says:

    Wow, The master at work… Your work is really wonderful to see. I especially like the front porch… It really captures the place, but it’s like someone visiting for the first time. The perspective isn’t so simple. The colors are more vibrant. There’s a tension there that is tough to describe, except the feeling you get when you’re about to enter someone else’s world for the first time. Inviting, yet impressive. Art and architecture meet in a blast of color.

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