Santinga, Sheridan



On a blank canvas there exists worlds of possibility. My journey through these boundless, awe-inspiring universes began when I reached twelve years of age as I began marketing some of my better works. Now, five years down the road, I’m still in love with the feeling of a summer breeze as it leaves my brush, flowing onto the canvas just as color bleeds into autumn leaves. While I primarily use Acrylics, I’ve also dabbled in oils, watercolor, and pencil. While I love the subject of nature, my works can be as sporadic as mist. When I see something at the right angle that somehow tugs at my heart, it lives on in the fibers of my canvas and pigments of the glossy paint. Overall, I love the beauty of the world. I only hope that the little things I see and capture can inspire others to enjoy the moments that have passed.

Graduate SPACES & PLACES at Woodberry Forest School September 5 – October 25, 2015 Opening Reception on September 19th, 2015 5-7 PM



Poppy’s Daughter, Acrylic on Canvas


If Eyes Could Speak, Pencil


Blakey of the Ridge, Pen & Ink


Gold-Iron Iris, Acrylic on Canvas

merchants grocery

Merchants Grocery, Pencil on Watercolor Paper

wildflower blaze

Wildflower Blaze, Watercolor


La Vespa, Oil on Canvas


Green-Winged Teal, Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Coke Calico

Summer Cola, Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

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