Settle, Jan

I’m that kid you saw gazing into the sky on the playground, finding faces & flowers in the cloud shapes; wondering how there could possibly be so many shades of blue. The one whose delight was found nose-first in the heady scent & kaleidoscope of colors found in a new box of crayons.

All these years later, I haven’t changed much. The thrill of a brand-new box of rich, buttery pastels or the first squeeze of a new tube of luxurious paint is still there for me. My most earnest desire is to use pigments & surfaces to project my impressions of nature, patterns, whimsy. The sweetness, the sadness, the sun and shadow, the light & darker edges – the beautiful, the ordinary. I paint to tell my story, to soothe my soul, to share my perceptions of the world. I paint with acrylics, pastels & watercolors. Animals & landscapes are my favorite subjects.

I teach others to paint in workshops so they can experience the same freedom I feel & to give them a chance to be spontaneous & have fun. Teaching has opened another level of creative experience for me. I have found that the more I share with others, the greater my skill level has become. My techniques are expanding & I’m taking more chances. I’m pleased with the results. I feel I have much more to learn & so much more to share. I am eager to do both!

Refection’s, Pastel

Orkney Springs, Pastel




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