Wallace, Barb


Thanks to a love of nature, I majored in Biology. But my lifelong love of drawing led, eventually, to a degree in Fine Art. I think the two disciplines go hand-in-hand, because they both rely on the powers of observation and an appreciation of the world around you.

The world around me is a revitalized Century Farm that has been in my husband’s family since 1848. It provides an infinite source of subject matter: from the beauty of a fresh-mown hayfield to an eighty year-old sink left abandoned in the farmhouse kitchen. The weather and the weathered objects I discover are constantly changing.

I have enjoyed working in a variety of mediums including oil, watercolor, graphite, printmaking and pastel. I try to reveal form through texture, contrast and cast shadows. To date, I have been most proficient in pastel, which satisfies my love of drawing. As I blend and stroke the painting surface, I become reacquainted with the lovely elements that initially drew me to the scene. I am essentially a draftswoman and a realist; my landscapes are paintings that have been drawn and the still lifes are drawings that have been painted. Looking forward, I have a desire to create works that are more painterly and expressive, and to experiment with pure color and brush stroke.

Winter Feeding, Oil

Custard Cups, Oil

Orange and Blue, Still Life

Persimmon Tree, Pastel

Daybreak, Oil