Dixon, Bonnie

My interest in art began at an early age as an emotional response to vision problems. Recognizing sight as a precious gift which can be lost, it became important to me to look at the world inside out, show others what I see and my insights as well.

Through the years I’ve taken art classes at the University of Maryland, The Corcoran School of Arts and Design (George Washington University), The Torpedo Factory, and The Arts Center in Orange. I am a member of the Firnew Farm Artists Circle in Madison County and show my work at Hazel River Arts and Antiques in Rappahannock County. See http://www.zhibit.org/edenart

A Place in My Art


The End

Coming Together

Cadmium Orange



One thought on “Dixon, Bonnie

  1. Carolyn Menke says:

    Ms Dixon, hello! I was Sabaar’s original owner and jsut got word that you drew his picture in ’00. I would love to purchase one. Do you also have access to the accompanying article? Thank you. I would be so grateful. Carolyn Menke

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