Lacy, Frances Kloker

April 03, 2014. Firnew Portraits.

To Create

To Create
With fibers, fabric, or paint.
To Make
a doll, a dress, or baby cap.
To Catch
a moment of light
upon a cloud, a barn or a mountain side.
To find the color and design,
for painting the
reflections of life.

Create to
Wear, carry, play with and use.
To look at, and delight in.
Create to express, explore and fulfill.

Adding paint to the material with which to create, Frances has been exploring methods to be creative for most of her life.  Educated in Early Childhood Development and Music, painting instruction has been gained through classes and workshops, and a lot of trial and error.  Watercolor has become the paint of choice, offering the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of the rural community.

Old Rag

Old Rag



Orchard Survivor, Watercolor, 34" x 26", 2016 "Celebrate the Centennial", Woodberry Forest School

Orchard Survivor, Watercolor, 34″ x 26″,
2016 “Celebrate the Centennial”, Woodberry Forest

Crocus, Watercolor, 18" x 22", 2016 "Celebrate the Centennial" Woodberry Forest School

Crocus, Watercolor, 18″ x 22″,
2016 “A Bouquet of Art”, Firnew Farm

Placed by the River, Acrylic, 25.5" x 22", 2016 "A Bouquet of Art" at Firnew Farm

Placed by the River, Acrylic, 25.5″ x 22″,
2016 “Spaces and Places, Woodberry Forest

Red Cabbage, Watercolor, 13.75" x 15.75", As featured in "Feast in the Field" September, 2011

Red Cabbage, Watercolor, 13.75″ x 15.75″,
2011 “Feast in the Field”, Firnew Farm


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