Carter, Maria

After retiring to Lake Monticello in 2009 and becoming a member of Firnew Farm Artists Circle in 2013, I have been able to focus on my artwork inspired by the natural beauty around me. I am always amazed at the ever-changing landscapes and the different colors and shapes from one hour to the next. I especially love the view from my studio, which has revealed shimmering water reflections to snow covered tree limbs. These images are the source for many of my paintings.

I started painting abstracts because it allowed me a freedom I could not find in more realistic styles. I find detail work to be too tedious and stressful. However, impressionistic and abstract paintings allow me to explore color and texture in very creative ways. I work exclusively in acrylics and prefer using large brushes and palette knives.

Each painting starts with an image or feeling, such as a scene from nature, or a color palette taken from objects and images that come into view, from an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway to girlfriend’s intricate quilts to expression of personal trials using the language of flowers. The sensation of painting is more satisfying than the project itself and provides an avenue for emotional and artistic expression. I was especially inspired by a workshop at Jonas Gerard Studio in Asheville NC which moved me to paint feelings and not objects. My goal is to listen to the brushes and let go.


Eastern Black Nightshade, Acrylic

Dimming of the Day, Acrylic

Blooming, Acrylic

Chillin and Chewin, Acrylic

Dining Room, Acrylic


Phone 434-466-5234 email

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